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Although spring is more commonly known as the season of new beginnings, this summer is turning out to be a time of change for us here at Loudoun Literacy Council.

At the end of June, Candace Kroehl is retiring as our Executive Director and Tanya Bittenbender, the Director of Development & Community Relations, is transitioning to take over her role. Candace has worked hard over the past three years overseeing both the Family Literacy and Adult Literacy programs, writing grants, and strengthening community partnerships all around Loudoun County. And according to an employee in the office who shall not be named, she is by far the best executive director LLC has had.

But luckily we have Tanya to take her place. Now this is just my opinion, but…I think Tanya is related to the Incredibles. Except instead of saving the world from scorned villains, she channels her multitasking energy towards changing lives through literacy. Whether it’s starting new ESL classes or organizing our annual corporate spelling bee, she continues to find ways to make the organization stronger. My words of encouragement for you, Tanya: Rock on!

Also, later this August, Harman Sidhu and I will pass the figurative literacy torch on as we finish our AmeriCorps contract and welcome the new members to the LLC team. For me, working at Loudoun Literacy Council has been a wonderful experience in that I’ve met so many interesting and extremely grateful students, worked with steadfast volunteers who give so much of their time to help our cause, and been part of a supportive and just plain fun group of coworkers. I will definitely miss the camaraderie we’ve developed. And, not to speak for Harman, but I’m totally gonna speak for her when I say she would agree.

So this summer will be full of goodbyes and hellos, but as we say in the office: you can leave LLC, but it’ll pull you right back in. I know Candace, Harman and I will be helping out in the future for Loudoun Literacy Council in some way.

And in case you haven’t noticed, another new thing to pop up here is this blog. We want to be better in touch with you all — volunteers, donors, passersby on the worldwide interweb… Welcome! Use this online space as a platform to ask questions, get resources or just get connected to people like you who are committed to making people’s lives easier and better through education.

Talk to you soon!

– Sabrina Berntsen

Americorps Member

Loudoun Literacy Council


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