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The internet has a wide array of resources for teaching English Language Learners. As one of our trainers Deb Howe says, “Don’t recreate the wheel, use the internet!” Feel free to check out the newest resources we have been using at LLC listed below:

Resources for Professional Development

1. http://www.acp-sc.org/

Our Executive Director Tanya Bittenbender just discovered this website today! This website, Adult Career Pathways, has a variety of curricula, lesson plans, and training for teaching Adult Education. Workforce development curricula is also provided. Registration required.

2. http://valrc.org/trainings/online.html

Here, you can find free extensive training for ELL Teachers through the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center. Registration required.

3. http://proliteracyednet.org 

This website offers a wide variety of short online classes for ELL teachers.

4. http://www.newamericanhorizons.org/

On this site, you can find free videos of how to teach adult learners (real class examples).

Resources for Class

5. http://www.eslflow.com/

This all-encompassing website includes game ideas, discussions, ice breakers, and many more for your ELL class

6. http://bogglesworldesl.com

This website is very helpful for finding good worksheets relevant to your lesson topic.

7. http://www.wordle.net/

One of our volunteers recommended this website, it creates “word clouds” from the text you provide. Helpful for class discussion.

Feel free to post any resources you have found helpful! Enjoy!

Janna Starr, AmeriCorps Member

Adult Literacy Program Assistant

Loudoun Literacy Council


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