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For this student spotlight, we at Loudoun Literacy Council would like to highlight one of our tutor students, Lawrence. Growing up as a child in New York was not easy for Laurence; he faced many hardships at home and struggled in school where he was funneled through various systems without much assistance. Unfortunately, Lawrence was never able to finish school.

Lawrence came to Loudoun Literacy Council (LLC) a few months ago with an urgent need; Lawrence needed to learn to read and write so he could get a job. His family was full of love and support, and everyone was cheering for Lawrence the day he came in into LLC. Since he was a native English speaker, he was enrolled in our Adult Basic Education program. Not long after Lawrence signed up, he was matched with one of our volunteers, Sandi. She proved to be a fantastic volunteer, full of fire and passion, and was ready to help Lawrence in any way possible. They started to meet twice a week, working on reading and writing and talking about the next steps to get a job.

Earlier this spring, Sandi contacted me with exciting news; Lawrence found a new job! He is now building furniture for a company and has achieved one of his top goals. Lawrence is an example of one of the many individuals who has been impacted by LLC – and he has had a significant impact on us! Lawrence is so kind and so driven, and it is people like him who motivate us so deeply because he refuses to give up. Sandi has been an immense source of help, inspiration, and encouragement to Lawrence on his path to literacy, and we cherish our volunteers who help in this way. Cheers to a Lawrence’s new job and his future in literacy!


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