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Julie Winter Class It has been a busy few weeks for the Adult Literacy Program as we have concluded our registration events and begun our spring session of adult ESL classes! We are proud to say that we have over 140 students currently enrolled in our beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes. For the 2012-2013 FY, we have increased our student population 31% and 40% of our spring session learners are returning students! Additionally, for the spring session, the ALP program are educating students from over 25 countries who speak over 18 languages. Our growing student population could not have happened without the great efforts of our ALP volunteers, who have spent countless hours helping us at registration events and prepping for classes and tutoring sessions. We are also grateful for our community partnerships who graciously allow us to use their spaces for registrations and classes!

Now into our second week of classes, Susan and I have begun our lessons on the house and home and health. Already, we have witnessed the avid determination of our students who are intent in learning the English language. Both units are uniquely challenging to teach and challenging for the students to learn because they rely heavily on English grammar. Complex sentence structures and grammar nuances are hurtles that our beginning level students are eager to overcome.  Lessons on the simple past form of “to be” and how to use adjectives properly to describe nouns are just some of the grammar lessons that we have begun to focus on in the classroom. As beginning level teachers, it is important for both of us to make sure our students feel comfortable with the basics of English grammar, but also to be comfortable speaking and using conversational English. Conversational dialogues and pronunciation are prominent aspects of our teaching. We are now strongly urging our students to speak English, using the proper form of grammar, inside and outside of the classroom in their daily routines.

We know that the next six weeks will fly by, so we are absorbing our past and current teaching experiences, and are eager to continue teaching and growing along with our learners!

Carrie Robinson

AmeriCorps Member 2012-2013


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