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During the past two weeks, Carrie and I have been teaching our beginner level classes a unit on calendars, which has included lessons on  months, seasons, days of the week, ordinal numbers, events on a calendar, and making appointments.  Being Thanksgiving week here in the United States, we both taught lessons on holidays in the United States this week.  We introduced our students to the different holidays here, and then we had them complete two activities.

For their first activity, our students wrote about their favorite holiday and then drew a picture or brought in a picture of their favorite holiday.  Our students drew pictures for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Easter,  Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, and birthdays.

Second, we asked our students in the spirit of Thanksgiving to share what they were thankful for.  Many of them listed family as what they were most thankful for.  Though our students may not celebrate Thanksgiving, they are certainly as thankful as we are this fall to be their teachers!

As we progress this fall term, our students have begun to open up about their traditions from their countries, their families, and their lives.  My students have shown me pictures of their holidays including Diwali, their families including grandchildren, and their travels including New York.  Carrie and I have learned as much from them as they have learned English from us.   We are both thankful for this opportunity this year serve as AmeriCorps Members and to help touch others’ lives as they touch ours.

Susan Pilley

AmeriCorps Member



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LLC New LinkedIn Page!


New LinkedIn Page!

   We now have a new LinkedIn Page!  Come connect with us for updates and opportunities!

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New Staff Introductions!

Loudoun Literacy Council wanted to introduce our newest staff members, Claudia Wood (Left) (Adult Literacy Program Director) and Leslie Mazeska (Right) (Executive Director). They are both very excited to work with Loudoun Literacy and with all of our wonderful volunteers, students, and supporters!

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Teaching Update!

This week marks the fifth week of classes. We are already more than halfway done with the Fall 2012 Session and it has been such an amazing and new learning process! Over the past few weeks, Susan and I have really absorbed our teaching responsibilities, making lesson plans as well as thinking of innovative and creative ideas and methods to administer in the classroom. We both have sensed that our students have become comfortable in the classroom, letting their walls down, participating in class activities and forming friendships with their student peers. It is such a transformative experience to be a part of.

Over the past few weeks, we have been teaching our students lessons such as time and money, making phone calls, how to read and write checks and understanding the ins-and-outs of the library.

As teachers, Susan and I have gained a perspective from our students of what it feels like to live in a community, and more, live in a society that is sometimes overwhelming and confusing. For example, teaching lessons on numbers, a concept that is second nature to native English speakers, is something fairly new and is quite a learning experience for our students. It makes us, native English speakers, take a step back and fully realize how easy we have it and how much we take our English speaking as well as writing skills for granted. What an experience!


As promised, we will keep you updated on the latest teacher updates!


– Carrie Robinson, AmeriCorps Member

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